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Hi my name is Debra and I have been taking your product for months now and it has made a big difference in my life !! I use to get hot flashes all the time and night sweats most of the night and I would never sleep through the night and I was always tired and had no sex drive ! Now that I have been on Profemin for months now I feel so much better it is incredible the results I got from taking Profemin! I get a night sweat now and then before taking this I was getting nightsweats all night long !! Hot flashes I would get them all the time and they were bad and now I get a hot flashes here and there ! Same thing with my sex drive I actually have one again Thank God or should I say Thank you Profemin ! I am tuning 59 years old on May 31th and I try some many over the counter thing for menopause and nothing work !! Until one night I was up late because I could not sleep and seen some people and a woman gynecologist talking about Profemin and I said to my self why not give this a try what do I have to lose nothing but Surprisingly I am glad I did because I had everything to gain ! I put a order in for 2 months of Profemin and it change my life for the better !! I am sleeping better my hot flashes I only get one here or there and the night sweats I would get them all night long now I get one a night or some nights I don't get any and my sex drive is back so I am very happy with this product and I am so glad I was up late that night and found that talk show on Profemin it has giving me my life back little by little!! I guess this product might not be for everyone but I am so glad it is working for me!! I will continue to take and get Profemin as long as it keeps working for me this product has been the best thing that has happened to me since I went into menopause!! Thank You so much to the people and company that has put out this product- Profemin!! IF you are a woman going through this I would say try this product and take it like it says for a few months and you will really see a difference in everything you are going through! IT change my life and I hope it will do the same for every woman that gives this a try !! But they maybe some women that can't take it because we are all different!! I wish all you women that try Profemin the best of luck and I really hope it will work . IT worked for me and I am so glad I gave this product a try . I am back to me self and feeling so much better. Thank you to the makes of Profemin you gave me back my life ! -Debra !!!

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Menopause shouldn't be a mystery... Just because our body chemistry is changing doesn't mean it should change who we are. We really believe that no woman should feel that menopause is her personal burden to bear. That is why we'd love to hear your story on how the symptoms of menopause and peri-menopause have affected you, and how Profemin™ has helped you find relief. Share your thoughts and experiences with us as a member of our Profemin™ family!
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